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I had just finish my first solo art show in North Bay Ontario in the summer of 1996, when I made the move to Edmonton Alberta to pursue a career in social services. Many people were surprised I chose this path, because all thought out my youth I was creating art as an active member of the local Englehart Area Artist club. Painting was something that came naturally to me and most of my skills and techniques were self-taught and supported by my family.  Once I was settled in my new home in Edmonton I started to create again.


I started where I left off using watercolours but it was not long before I made the move to oil pastels. I witnessed myself doing something different and I wanted to brand my new artwork with something to acknowledge this. At the time I was in a full time position working with persons with special needs and it was in this role I was given a nickname T-Man. It fit and T-Man was to become my signature moving forward.


The opportunity opened for me to start painting on canvas when I learned from a friend how to make them. Today my artistic process starts with reclaimed lumber waste from construction sites to build and stretch the canvases. I find my options for dimensions are wide open and I can tailor the canvas to fit my subject matter.  Some of my early work measured 4 and 5 feet wide.  I choose to work with acrylics because of its diversity. Coming from a background in watercolours it was natural for me to add lots of water and then layer my paint to achieve the desire outcome. With acrylics I was provided with a thicker layer of colour and a quick drying time which I appreciated as I have always worked at a fast pace.


My inspiration comes from my surroundings and the places I have been. I have found most of my inspiration has come from looking skyward versus across the horizon.






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