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Pedestrian Crosswalk
Yellowhead East
Single Right Curve
Bike Route #1
Right Turn Only
Deer Crossing
Alberta 2 North to 16
School Crosswalk
Added Lane
Argyll Rd 63 Ave
Alberta 2 North
Ellerslie Road
Exit 1
East Whitemud Dr.
Bike Route #2
James MacDonald Bridge
Playground Ahead
Gateway Blvd
Exit 25 to Yellowhead Tr.
West Argyll Rd or 82 Ave.
South Anthony Henday Drive
Scenic Route To Alaska
Truck Route
Exit #2

2017 Whyte Avenue Art Walk

Staying true to my clean and simple style, I continue on my exploration of the sky and the objects that live within it. The series ‘Directions’ portrays various commuter road signs that tell us where we are going and what lies ahead.  I framed all the signs up against a calming blue sky, removing all of the hustle of our daily commute.  The viewer is left with just a moment in time.  


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