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Online Art Auction

An Online Art Auction just in time for Father’s Day.

Not only would you be purchasing an original work of art, 50% of all the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta. These funds will go towards supporting community programs and services for  Individuals, families, and caregivers affected by schizophrenia.      


Here’s how it works.

The Auction will run from Saturday May 26th until 4:00pm Monday June 11th on both this web page and the Art by Trueman Macdonald Facebook Page.

Each of the Auction Items are pictured below including a description and size of the painting. Click on the image to see the full image. Bids can be placed by selecting the button 'Bid Here' where you are able to send an email with your bid and contact information. Bids can also be made on the Facebook page by placing a comment on the image of the painting you wish to bid on. 

The minimum bid on each painting is $50 and bids must go up by $10 increments.The Web Page and Facebook Page will be updated by 9:00pm each day to reflect the highest bid.

Pick-up or delivery of works available for Edmonton and Red Deer. All other locations the cost of delivery will be added.

Auction Items

Lake Series Blue

Original Acrylic on Canvas 26"w x 19.5"h



Final Bid $50.00

Exit #1

from the Direction Series

Original Acrylic on Canvas 20"h x 34"w

Final Bid: $75.00

Argyll Road 63 Ave

from the Directions Series

Original Acrylic on Canvas 12"h x 22 1/4"w x 1 1/2"d

Final Bid: $70.00

Deer Crossing

from the Directions Series 

Original Acrylic on Canvas 26"w x 17 3/4"w 

Final Bid: $100.00

Connected 14

from the Connected series

Original Acrylic on Canvas 18 3/8"w x 55 5/8"



Final Bid : $150.00

Connected 2.1

from the Connected 2 series

Original Acrylic on Canvas 44”h x 21”w

Final Bid: $150.00

Wind #3

from the Wind Series

Only remaining work available from the series.

Original Acrylic on Canvas 26"w x 36"h 

Final Bid: $70.00


from the Canadiana series 

Only remaining work available from the series.

Original Acrylic on Canvas 24.5"h x 48.5"w


Final Bid: $150.00

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